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Africa: A premium trend

Branded consumer goods companies have an opportunity to participate in Africa's growth

The traditional picture which is often painted of Africa  poverty, political turmoil and dire infrastructure  is beginning to look outdated. Real signs are emerging of a continent which offers extraordinary growth potential and rapidly changing consumer dynamics.


Africa a Mecca for multinationals

Africa's burgeoning middle class and consequent increase in disposable income becoming increasingly attractive for yield-chasing multinational companies.
That ubiquitous McKinsey & Company report from two years ago which said Africa’s consumer spending would reach $1,4tn in 2020,


Graham Mackay, CEO, SABMiller: Business is Good for Africa

You have argued that business is fuelling growth in Africa. What do you base this argument on?

Since 2000, when The Economist ran an article entitled ‘Hopeless Africa’, the continent has confounded expectations; earlier this year, The Economist ran a story with the headline “a more hopeful continent” and the strapline “Africa is now one of the world’s fastest-growing regions”.


51-year-old defies age to tackle Mt Kilimanjaro

In the wee hours of Mashujaa Day, Ms Leah Chalo, 51, became Nation Media Group’s oldest employee to scale Africa’s tallest mountain.
Step by step, she took on the rocks of the alpine desert, with icy wind blowing across her face, parching her lips, cheeks and nose.