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It is easier to do business in Kenya now, says KenInvest

The Kenya Investment Authority says changes in the regulatory and business environment will make Kenya the preferred FDI destination in the East African region.

Kenya attracted investments worth $470-million in the first half of this year, largely from foreign investors, data from the Kenya Investment Authority (KenInvest) shows.


Kisumu water problem set to end

It is a case of water everywhere but no lean water to drink.
According to the Kisumu Water and Sewerage Company (KIWASCO) Managing Director Eng David Onyango only 42 percent of the City’s estimated populations of over 500,000 people are able to have access to piped


Tanzania: Natural Gas Industry Will Fuel Economic Development

Tanzania is a blessed country with natural resources which could make any developing country green with envy and the discovery of natural gas is one example of the richness of the country.


Kenya's CfC Stanbic Bank's H1 profit jumps 37 pct

Kenya's CfC Stanbic Bank, the main business of CfC Holdings, posted a 36.5 percent jump in pretax profit for the first half of the year, it said on Monday, without disclosing any reasons for the rise.