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Bidco Africa begins constructing beverage plant in Kenya

Bidco Africa which manufactures daily consumer products has began the construction of  a US$ 40m beverage plant in Kenya with commissioning planned for mid 2017.

The new beverage plant in Kenya, to be constructed in Thika will comprise of a production and bottling facility for non-carbonated still drinks, carbonated soft drinks and water and will be funded by theInternational Finance Corporation (IFC).


Kenya, Uganda top in hospitality industry targets

Kenya and Uganda are among the top 10 preferred African countries for hotel developments, with hotels planning to add new rooms this year.

The two countries have been ranked seventh and 10th respectively in a recent survey by W Hospitality, a global company providing advisory services for the hotel, tourism and leisure industries.

Eight global hotel chains, among them Radisson, Hilton, Sheraton, Marriott and Kempinski, plan to add 1,510 rooms in Kenya while in Uganda nine international hotels, among them Hilton and Sheraton, plan to build 1,397 rooms.


Kenyan company plans bio-organic fertiliser plants

Two Phillipine-based companies have entered an agreement with Kenyan start-up Wanda Organic to establish bio-organic fertiliser manufacturing plants in Nakuru and Laikipia counties by the end of the year-end.

Under the tripartite agreement, ELR Family Trading Inc and Richfund International Company Ltd will provide technical support to Wanda Organic to produce fertiliser branded Plantmate Bio-Organic.

The fertiliser is a result of over 40 years of biotechnology research in Southeast Asia, Australia and the Middle East.Wanda said Monday the product has been successfully tested in Machakos and Makueni counties where farmers reported up to 30 per cent yield increases.


Kenya’s Automobile Industry Booming, Despite Challenges

With the recent introduction of one of the luxury car dealer Porsche on its market, the automobile industry in Kenya has been immediately ranked as one of the most dynamic sectors of the East African economy competing on pricing and brand reputation, despite the challenge related to the availability of spare parts.

Among the key auto industry looking to launch their assembly factory in Kenya in a move to avoid 25 percent currently being applied on imported vehicles, it includes India's Tata Motors which is looking to make strategic investments in East Africa through f ighting for dominance in jeeps and pickup truck market by 2017.