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Construction of Kenya’s Nairobi Southern Bypass nears Completion

The Nairobi southern bypass in Kenya that has been under construction for a year is nearing completion with the road accessible from the junction of Mombasa road interchange at Ole Sereni all the way to Kabete-Limuru road at Kikuyu town.

According to Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) officials currently the contractor finalizing the project with the erection of all the wall barriers along the bypass adjacent to Kibera area.

Other final touches undertaken in finalising the Nairobi southern bypass is landscaping to beautify the entire section before it can be launched formally – although it is already in use.

KeNHA added that it is highly anticipated that the project will be completed on time.

“Works in most sections of the Nairobi southern bypass is completed with the contractor just winding up,” a statement from KeNHA said.

The superhighway has three main interchanges at Mombasa, Lang’ata and Ngong Roads to ensure smooth and safe passage of traffic with fly-overs (partial interchanges) at Dagoretti and Thogoto roads being included.

KeNHA says the bypass was designed to ease congestion on several adjacent roads such as Lang’ata road and Ngong..

The officials added that most of the projects being carried currently by various contractors in the country are going on well and will be delivered on time.

“Unlike the past where the contractors used to delay government projects the current contractors are time conscious.

Currently the government of Kenya is focusing in improve the transport sector as there are a number of roads that are under construction.