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Oil Exploration in Kenya to Generate Revenue

Stakeholders from Kenya’s oil and gas sector have sounded the alarm on the lopsided attention on proceeds from oil exploration to warn of hidden risks to the fiscal obsession. The cautionary advice comes as both government and its citizenry continue to battle the management of expectations from the impending decision on the full-scale exploration of the country’s crude deposits.


Kenya Named Second Biggest Market In Africa By Uber

There are currently 363,000 active Uber users in Kenya, according to the latest statistics released by the company to mark its fourth year of operation in the continent.

South Africa is told to be Uber’s biggest market in Africa with 969,000 active riders, while Kenya is second.


East Africa portrays solid monetary development says AfDB report

Economic growth in East Africa is soaring ahead of other regions on the continent at close to 7 percent while the overall outlook for the rest of Africa is cautious, but positive, a report  by African Development Bank has observed.

Job creation and ramping up manufacturing will continue to be major priority areas for creating growth and employment across the continent, says AfDB.


Keitt Exporters To Diversify Into Oil

To help mitigate risk and ongoing trading restrictions with China and Taiwan Kenya’s Keitt Exporters is exploring potential new opportunities in added value avocado products.

According to sales and marketing manager Grace Thuita The company is looking at processes and machinery to produce avocado oil as a way of gaining further value from the fresh product.